"We Want Your House"

One of the things that we here at Value Preservation find the most enjoyable is searching for properties to buy. While we do most of the research and findings ourselves, you just might serve as one of our biggest assets... The Seller.

We’re looking for folks like you who may have run out of all other options and you need to just get out from underneath your debt. Our business model requires certain criteria, but if it fits, we may be able to close “as is” within days.

So if you’ve had enough of trying to sell your house, or even starting the process sounds intimidating, send us an email.  Whether you have a distressed property, or a short sale, our investment in your property may be a win for us both.  Every situation is unique, it may be that your home won’t qualify, but we’d love to evaluate your property and help you determine what options are best for you.